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The PEACH Program: providing more choice at end of life

Ten years ago, an idea was born: to develop a program which would allow people suffering from a terminal illness to die at home, if they wished to do so.

Ten years later that idea is now a firm reality. After years of research and pilot studies, the PEACH (Palliative Care Home Support Packages) Program was officially launched in 2013 and has since given 4,000 people their wish.

“Before the program was developed, we were hearing what many people were saying they wanted at the end of life and finding a big disconnect with what we were able to offer,” says Professor Meera Agar, who led the research into the program.

The program’s success is the result of a hardworking team committed to improving the little time their patients have left. This commitment was recently recognised at the National Palliative Care Awards where The PEACH Program Care Team won the award for Outstanding Teamwork.

“The award is a testament to a hard-working collaborative team of clinicians, consumer and health executives who share a common goal of changing the way we care for people needing palliative care and really making a difference,” says Professor Agar.

While the program was initially researched and piloted in South West Sydney, it is now run across multiple health districts.

“This is an unprecedented program where multiple health districts are working together to allow people who want to die at home to do so,” Professor Agar says.

South West Sydney Research congratulates the PEACH team for their award and their continued commitment to helping people at the end of life.