Clinical Trials

Research in the form of clinical trials brings patients faster access to better treatments. The findings are essential to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of interventions to help prevent, detect or treat illness and disease.

Health professionals from many different specialties work in collaboration to undertake clinical trials. They can be based in hospitals and clinics, general or specialist medical practices, or outside hospital in community settings.

Clinical trials across South Western Sydney are supported by the South West Sydney Clinical Trials Support Unit. Within the district, there are over 20 groups working on more than 280 active clinical trials at any point in time.

If you are a consumer, healthcare provider or researcher who is interested in learning more about clinical trials, we recommend the NHMRC Australian Clinical Trials web site.

You can search for a clinical trial on the Australian Clinical Trials web site.

If you are a researcher based in South West Sydney, please visit the Resources section and sub-pages for key contacts, tools and other resources to support your clinical trial.

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