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Calling all childhood cancer survivors and their parents! Would you like to share your experiences coping through #COVID_19? This important study looks at the impact of #coronavirus on survivors. Let's make sure Australian families are well represented! 🇦🇺

South Western Sydney has some excellent robotic surgery training facilities and recently our fantastic final year Medicine students have been exploring their aptitude for surgical training using part of the curriculum on the Mimic robotic surgery simulator at Liverpool #swsydunsw

GRANT: Less than 2 weeks until the deadline for our #ECR seed #grants.

Up to $25,000 over 6 months to progress the Cancer BIG Ideas:

The Chief Investigator must be an employee or affiliate of @UNSWMedicine. Apply now:

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Digital platforms bring new vision to mental health care

New online technologies are changing the mental health care landscape with a range of apps and web-based tools to help people better manage their mental health and wellbeing. Project Synergy and InnoWell With 99% of young people aged 16-25 years in Australia being active online and with 60% seeking information about mental health on the…


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Caring for animals in medical research – a job you probably didn’t know existed

It’s not often you hear about the people working in animal research. Sure, there’s an occasional story about a new and promising drug which might mention it was initially tested on mice. But for the most part, people are unaware of how much work, and more importantly, how much care goes on behind-the-scenes in animal…


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Franklin Women Part 2: Mentoring Program

It’s not always an easy road to travel when you’re working in medical research. This is particularly so for women who experience unique challenges. Unfortunately there is a point at mid-career level when many are leaving the profession resulting in an under-representation of women in leadership positions. Knowing this to be the case, Franklin Women…


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Part one: Franklin Women’s Series

It is hard to believe, given its success, that only four years ago, Franklin Women was just an idea in one researcher’s mind. That researcher was Melina Georgousakis and the idea was to create a social networking platform for female health and medical researchers. Franklin Women arose from Melina’s personal experience in the research industry…


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A world first: Train-the-trainer curriculum for home dialysis

It seems obvious and simple enough: nurses who teach patients how to do home dialysis, should be trained how to best impart those skills. But when Professor Josephine Chow, from South West Sydney Local Health District, went looking for standardised and evidence-based “train the trainer curriculum and modules for home dialysis,” she found none.  Not…


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