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Do you have a high quality biospecimen collection and associated data that could be used to investigate priority health issues for NSW? Applications are now open for our Biospecimen Collection Grants (round two)

LATEST RESEARCH 📑: Our colleague Tim Churches and Louisa Jorm from the Centre for Big Data Research in Health publish in JMIR Public Health Surveillance on COVOID - a stochastic individual contact model used to evaluation COVID-19 interventions DOI: 10.2196/18965

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Professor Jane Ussher: Not all super-heroes wear capes

Spotlight on research: Professor Jane Ussher Professor Jane Ussher is a super-hero. But not your traditional kind. She might not single-handedly fight evil villains or leap tall buildings in a single bound but what she’s achieved, through her research over the last 30 years, is more significant than anything a Marvel super-hero could have accomplished….


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From face-to-face to virtual services: a success story during COVID19

When COVID19 hit Australia early this year, it left many health services scrambling to find the best virtual solution for their usual face-to-face services. One organisation, however, has been ahead of the curve having commenced the virtual delivery of some of their services over two-and-a half years ago. In 2017, Karitane began their digital transformation…


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Benefits of music therapy is backed by research

We’ve all experienced music’s ability to influence our mood but growing research shows that the benefits are more far-reaching. From helping to ease anxiety in dementia patients, positively impacting behaviours for at-risk youth and adult offenders, and helping women undergoing gyneacological and fertility treatment, music therapy in the clinical setting is on the rise. As…


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A t-shirt that monitors your breathing? It’s not science fiction

 Associate Professors Gaetano Gargiulo and Paul Breen examining new Saiiv technology developed at Western Sydney University’s MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development   Imagine a t-shirt that can monitor your breathing, your heart rate, your temperature, even your unborn baby’s kicks and heartbeat. While it may sound like something from a sci-fi film, researchers…


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Hope, resilience and spirituality: the other side of trauma care

Faced with life-changing adversity, some people cope extremely well. Unfortunately, many others, who are faced with the same (or similar) challenges, struggle as stress, anxiety and depression set in. The question that inevitably arises is: why? Why does one person cope, while another flounders? And what adaptive responses do they utilise that make the difference?…


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