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Record and Showcase Your Research

One of the most important factors in getting your work noticed, read, and cited is accessibility. A great way to make your research easy to find is to create a researcher profile.

It is highly recommended that you sign up for one or more Author IDs, create a Researcher Profile and showcase your work. The main steps to keeping track of your research using online tools are:

  1. Create a profile in ORCID.
  2. Use ResearcherID in Web of Science and Author ID in Scopus.
  3. Create citation alerts.

More information on keeping track of your research using Author Identifiers is available here.


Research methods

Information: Series of 11 sessions covering study design, use of library facilities, ethics, statistics and more. The next Research Methods Seminar Series will be held in 2019.



Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training

Information: GCP training is highly encouraged for all researchers and mandatory for those involved in clinical trials. The SWSLHD Clinical Trials Support Unit is now offering onsite TransCelerate accredited GCP programs.

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Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre

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