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How much impact does Postnatal Depression (PND) have on the conversation between a mother and her baby? And how does this conversation affect the child’s future development?

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Research Australia Award for Data Innovation in Health & Medical Research goes to CMCRC

The Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) Health Market Quality Team (HMQ) has become the inaugural winner of Research Australia’s Data Innovation in Health and Medical Research award.

The award is presented to an individual or team that has developed the most innovative method of using data in a way that advances health and medical research.

Head of HMQ and Chief Operating Officer of CMCRC, David Jonas said, “We are honoured to receive this award particularly given the excellence and innovation of research undertaken by our peers. We are hoping that the award highlights to governments, the industry and the community at large that there is enormous wealth locked up in the data that is captured every day. Effective linkage of this data coupled with the huge power of data science will rapidly drive us towards affordable, personalised, precision healthcare for each and every Australian.”

CEO of Research Australia, Nadia Levin said HMQ were deserved winners of the newly created award.

“HMQ has demonstrated the power of using health data to improve patient outcomes and find efficiencies in the healthcare system,” said Levin.

“Making better use of existing data is a common‐sense approach that has the potential to greatly improve the delivery of healthcare in this country and HMQ are leading the way in
this space.

“HMQ has worked to empower consumers to play an active, fully‐informed role in the healthcare choices they make and that is a very positive contribution.”

Read the CMCRC media release here.

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CMCRC partners include South West Sydney Research University members The University of Sydney, University of Wollongong and Western Sydney University. NSW Health is also a partner.