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Re-inventing the Whirligig


Low-tech innovation for health care delivery in low-resource settings

Innovative researchers from Stanford University, California have developed a unique centrifuge for use in health-care clinics where electricity and resources are in scarce supply. The whirligig, a low-tech childhood toy often made from a button and a length of string, has been re-imagined as a hand-powered centrifuge to separate blood samples and support the efficient diagnosis of disease.

Devin Powel of Nature: News spoke with one of the innovators behind the new device, Manu Prakash, and explored how Manu came to identify the need for low-tech centrifuge solutions. “While visiting health-care clinics, he noticed that most lacked a working centrifuge — or the electricity to power one — and could not separate blood samples to perform basic disease diagnostics.”

Manu and his team explored a number of low-tech options before settling on the whirligig as the most efficient, and effective, pseudo-centrifuge.

Read Devin’s full article here.

Read the original journal article here.

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