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Pathways to impact for research

10 lessons from grant proposals that led to the most significant and far-reaching impacts

Evaluating excellence and impact of government-funded research is becoming increasingly important in Australia and around the world. Fast Track Impact have analysed ‘pathways to impact’ in grant applications that led to the top scoring impact case studies in the latest UK assessment of research excellence and impact (REF2014). The findings are published in a blog entitled 10 lessons from grant proposals that led to the most significant and far-reaching impacts. The lessons learned were:

  1. Clear connectivity from overall vision to objectives and impact
  2. Specificity
  3. Tailor-made impact
  4. Build in flexibility
  5. Assign responsibility – name names
  6. Demonstrate demand
  7. Highlight collaborative partnerships
  8. Don’t ignore sensitivities
  9. Think long-term
  10. Record everything

Read the full blog article here.

Also available in the resources section of the Fast Track Impact website is a free impact planning template and worked example.


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