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NEWS: A postdoc Association for SWS

Research Fellow,  Vikneswary Batumalai, PhD
Professor Minoti Apte

Post-doctoral researchers in South West Sydney now have a new way to stay-in-touch and collaborate with their colleagues with the establishment of the Ingham Institute Postdoc Association.

The idea for the Association came up following discussions between Research Fellow, Vikneswary (Vicky) Batumalai from the Cancer Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CCORE) Group at Ingham and Professor Minote Apte who recognised there was a need for a group in SWS to support postdocs and early career researchers.

“Postdocs aren’t like undergraduate students who have peers that they see regularly and can talk to. For postdocs, working with senior researchers can sometimes be quite isolating. So, we wanted to create an inclusive community where postdocs and early career researchers are empowered, valued, recognised and supported in their current and future pursuits.”

Vicky explains that universities such as UNSW have similar groups but researchers in SWS, who have no affiliation with the university, are not able to be members so the new Association addresses this gap.

“We aim to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting a culture of enhanced professional growth by facilitating connections, raising awareness and collaborating with other colleagues in the postdoctoral community,” she says.

Vicky explains that the Association will provide postdocs with the opportunity to broaden their skills beyond research and academics.

“We want to open up conversations about alternative pathways as well as support existing ones.”

One way of doing this is through networking events and the newly established committee are currently working on their first event.

“We’re currently discussing holding a virtual meet-and-greet with break-out rooms which we hope will open up conversations between postdoctoral researchers.”

The Association is now inviting postdocs and prospective postdocs affiliated with the Ingham Institute to join the Ingham Institute Postdoc Association.

Follow the link below to complete your registration:



By: Linda Music