South West Sydney Research brings together healthcare, research and health education entities in South West Sydney as a co-ordinated Hub.


South West Sydney Research facilitates world-class research by supporting multi‑professional and multi‑centre collaboration, working to improve our competitiveness, and reducing barriers to research conduct and translation.


There are many ways to be part of the health research community.


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Our Priorities

The work done by South West Sydney Research falls into local and state-wide projects. Local projects are driven by our members and aim to directly benefit our community of researchers and health consumers. We share what we learn so that others can benefit.

Our Projects

Research Capability Database

The Research Capability Database is an information technology (IT) project that brings all our research community information together into one central system.

The focus is on people; working to our strengths and supporting collaboration. It allows us to better understand our professional community and share information in new ways. This is an exciting and truly collaborative effort with all of our members contributing.

The Research Capability Database drives our ‘find a researcher‘ functionality. Help collaborators find you by making sure your profile is captured. If you are not already in our system, register to create a profile.

Communication Strategy

Research that drives better health is not done in isolation. The best research involves people from many different backgrounds; health consumers, basic scientists, health professionals, industry and more.

Each of these groups bring something different to our shared purpose – improving the health of our community and those beyond. We are working to promote our research successes, drive research engagement and support local innovation with effective and targeted communication.

Read our latest news for information on research from across south west Sydney.

State-wide Priorities

State-wide projects involve several Hubs working together with coordination from the Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR). South West Sydney Research is contributing expertise to several state-wide initiatives. Examples include:

Health Informatics for Research

Health informatics is the use of innovative technologies to analyse information and data to improve health care and treatments. This is a key development area that is essential for embedding quality research into the health system. The Health Informatics Project will identify opportunities to facilitate research using data, as well as efficient and effective governance. This project complements several others being driven by NSW Health, OHMR and NHMRC.

Embedding Quality Research into LHDs

To have the greatest benefit, research findings need to be translated into health practice. The area of research translation is the final and critical step in improving health. By building organisational leadership, strong partnerships and clear operational goals, the districts are working together to make research an integral part of the healthcare system.