South West Sydney Research brings together healthcare, research and health education entities in South West Sydney as a co-ordinated Hub.


South West Sydney Research facilitates world-class research by supporting multi‑professional and multi‑centre collaboration, working to improve our competitiveness, and reducing barriers to research conduct and translation.


There are many ways to be part of the health research community.


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Please be advised that the Hawkesbury campus is closed today due to a complete power outage. At this stage, it is unknown when the power will be restored. Please avoid travel to the campus, if possible. We will advise when the power is restored. Thanks for your understanding.

@WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @pahowho FACT: The new coronavirus cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites

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Nine #workshops , four #conferences, five #Jobs, eight #grants. All this and more in this week's newsletter from @sws_research. Read it here.

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Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University (WSU) is a research institution driven by impact. Our research makes a difference regionally, nationally and globally. We are committed to collaboration with our regional, national and international communities to contribute to their economic, social and environmental well-being.

At WSU excellence in research is the precondition of impact. With research excellence we connect our local and global communities and create world-leading impact. WSU is student-centred and research-led. This research plan frames the WSU vision of engaged research across three key dimensions: futures, impact and capacity. These dimensions are interconnected and mutually reinforcing.

To achieve our objectives the University’s teaching and research capacities must also be interconnected and mutually reinforcing. The University’s research themes are:

  • Urban Living and Society: People, Culture, Economy and Built Environment
  • Health and Well-being: Translation, Service and Innovation
  • Education: Access, Equity, Pathways, and Aspirational Change
  • Environmental Sustainability: Climate, Agriculture and Resources

Employed by or formally affiliated with Western Sydney University? You are eligible to register.