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STARTTS is a specialist, non-profit organisation that for more than 25 years has provided culturally appropriate and cutting edge psychological and psychosocial treatment and support to help people heal the scars of torture and refugee trauma and rebuild their lives in Australia.

STARTTS helps people and communities from refugee backgrounds, including asylum seekers, who were forced to leave their country due to persecution in the context of political conflict, organised violence and human rights violations. STARTTS also supports and resources service providers, educational institutions and volunteer groups to work more effectively with refugees.

For many years, STARTTS has been committed to using research as a tool to explore, investigate and expand knowledge on the psychological needs of traumatised refugees.

Conducting clinical and community based research is a vital part of STARTTS’ work and has enabled us not only to improve services for our client group, but also to provide valuable information to other professionals working with refugees or trauma survivors, promoting the development of new treatment techniques and helping people to appreciate the complications involved in refugee lives.

Moreover, research plays an important role in helping to raise awareness within the general public of the difficulties and obstacles which refugees must face. Research at STARTTS is an ongoing and vital part of the work done by our team and helps maintain a continuous link to refugee communities, ensuring that our work remains at the forefront of the trauma treatment field and that we continue to produce the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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