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ON TOMORROW: @ConcertTcrc Cancer Roundtable featuring Prof Marie Ranson ( @mranson2 ) and Dr Tara Roberts ( @DrTaraLRoberts ) presenting on 'Drug Testing: Pros and Cons of cell culture and animal models'. Wed 12 August at 8am

How much impact does Postnatal Depression (PND) have on the conversation between a mother and her baby? And how does this conversation affect the child’s future development?

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Ingham Institute

The Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research is at the forefront of many medical breakthroughs and clinical discoveries and is committed to saving and improving lives.

Founded by the community for the community, our award-winning researchers are dedicated to finding better ways to improve health and eradicate diseases.

The Institute’s research teams are focused on exploring new medical approaches across its research streams:

  • Cancer Research
  • Clinical Science Research (Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, infectious and inflammatory diseases)
  • Injury and Rehabilitation Research
  • Population and Health Services Research
  • Mental Health Research

The Institute’s medical research programs have a translational focus. This means that results from the laboratory are transformed into direct health benefits in the form of new treatments and standards of care for local, national and international communities.

Located at Liverpool, our research building is home to:

  • 350 researchers working in wet and dry laboratories.
  • A Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre.
  • The Australian MRI-Linac Research Bunker.
  • Australia’s only Correlative Microscopy facility,
  • The Centre for Oncology Education and Research
  • Translation (CONCERT) cancer tissue and blood Biobank.
  • NSW’s first Circulating Tumour Cell research centre.
  • South West Sydney’s Clinical Trials Unit.

The Institute was initially created by one of Australia’s most respected philanthropists Bob Ingham AO and is further supported by Lady (Mary) Fairfax AC, OBE.

As a charitable organisation, the Institute is reliant on public donations and bequests to enable the researchers to continue their vital work.

100% of funds raised for the Institute goes to support medical research at the Institute.