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Computing for Health Research

Tutorial opportunity!

Tim Churches, Senior Research Fellow in Health Data Science at the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and South Western Sydney Clinical School, will be hosting a series of weekly tutorials on computing for health researchers. The tutorials will commence in the first week of April.

The tutorial series will be  targeted primarily at HDR (Higher Degree by Research) candidates, and undergraduate students undertaking Honours or ILP studies, but may be of interest to established researchers.

The primary goal of the tutorials will be to teach participants how to program in the widely-used R computer language, and how to make use of the extensive R software ecosystem for the management, processing, visualisation, and statistical analysis of many different types of research data. R is free, open-source software which runs on all types of computers. Principles of and methods for good scientific computing practice will be incorporated into the instruction.


The format will be a 90 minute tutorial session, held at the Ingham Institute, one morning each week for 30 weeks.

In each session, participants will work through a curated collection of training materials for R, starting with the basics of programming, and gradually progressing through intermediate and more advance concepts and methods. It will not be a statistics course, although statistical analysis methods will be used.

Participants will need to provide their own laptop computer on which R software can be installed. Prior programming experience is not required.


The tutorials are open to all researchers or research students employed by or affiliated with member organisations of the South West Sydney Research network. Details of member organisations can be found at here.

There will be no charge for participation. 



Anyone interested in participating should send an expression of interest (EOI) to Tim Churches at by 17th March 2017.

Places are limited to a maximum of 15 participants, and preference will be given to HDR candidates and enrolled undergraduate students undertaking a research placement. Other researchers who would like to participate are nonetheless encouraged to submit an EOI. Questions about the course are also welcome.



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Tim Churches is a Senior Research Fellow in Health Data Science at the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and South Western Sydney Clinical School. The University of New South Wales and the Ingham Institute are both members of South West Sydney research. Read more about The University of New South Wales here, and the Ingham Institute here.


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